The Knitting Adventure…

The Knitting Adventure… | Twizzlez Online Shop

In my lifetime I have crocheted hundreds of things and millions of stitches. I can crochet all day long, I can even crochet without looking at what I’m doing. Now the same can’t be said for me about knitting.

 Knitting and me don’t go way back we are new friends.

I don’t know why I started to crochet so much and never considered knitting many things until this week when I had a think about it. Of course crochet is faster and I can see the results forming swiftly before my eyes but I longed to do something new. This was partly because I could see a big wide hole in my knowledge getting larger and larger (and you just can’t pride yourself on being an all-round crafter if you can’t knit awesome creations!). I loved complex intarsia, Fair Isle and Nordic knitted garments. They fascinated me (and still do) because I couldn’t imagine how people could make such beautiful things, and all out of a continuous strand. Now I wasn’t a complete novice to knitting, I had knitted scarves and baby booties, but only using simple stitches like pearl, knit and stockinette stitch, and never with so many colours.

So I made my decision I was going to embark on a knitting and learning adventure.

This thought seemed scary, learning something new by myself without really knowing where to start was a big decision! I began researching, reading and watching how to videos, the time then came when I thought I couldn’t watch and read anymore, I had to DO! I began. I used Microsoft Excel to make a grid and drew up a Fair Isle knitting chart. Rainbow and white spirals was going to be my design. I got my wool, and I began knitting. As I looked at the first 5 rows that were barely 4cm long, I remembered, knitting is much slower than crochet, patience is what I need. So I pursued my learning adventure.

As I went along the pattern started forming, excitement rushed over me when I put new colours into the design, I eagerly showed my husband at intervals along the way. ‘Look at what I’ve learnt!’ as he smiled back at me. I was proud of my accomplishment at teaching myself something new. Now as I’m nearing the half way point in my knitting project it seems to be taking over my life. I’m consumed by its power to immerse me in the task at hand, with a cuppa by my side of course. I dream of knitting, I wake up and get some rows in before I begin my daily tasks then I sneak back to do more knitting.

So knitting isn’t quite as scary or hard as I originally considered it to be. With might and determination I have succeeded at creating something new for myself.

I still appreciate all the time energy and effort it takes to knit (or crochet!) handmade items and I can be that little bit more happy now that I am one step closer to being a fabulous crafter by ever expanding and always learning new techniques.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016 - 12:43pm

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