Easy No Sew Flower Headband

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Easy No Sew Flower Headband


·         Fabric scraps, I used chiffon and satin cut into circles. They don’t need to be perfect, no one will know if they are a bit wonky cause hey..flowers are not exactly perfect! Circle sizes I used were: large = 6cm diameter and small = 4cm diameter.

·         Scissors

·         Hot glue gun

·         44cm Length of ribbon

·         Small wooden bead

·         Circle of felt, 3cm diameter


1.       Cut circles from the fabric scraps. I used roughly 4 small and 10 large in a mixture of satin and chiffon.

2.       Heat glue gun and cover the wooden bead with a large circle gluing at the base. Start arranging the small circles around the bead pinching the bottom and gluing as shown in the video. I used 4 small circles for the ‘flower bud’, cut off bulk at bottom and check petals are glued securely.

3.        Alternate the overlapping petals between each row using a mix of chiffon and satin.

4.       Once your flower is full and large enough check its all glued together, some petals may need a dot of glue between each one.

5.       Trim any petals on the edges to make it more symmetrical.

6.       Glue the felt circle to the center of the ribbon.

7.       Securely glue the flower to the felt circle.

8.       Voila! Your done

Date Posted

Friday, 26 January 2018 - 5:52pm

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