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This is my first post in a long time! I have been very busy of late and have had hardly any time for any blogging or videos.

Something I do find the time to do when life gets a little chaotic is drawing. I love drawing large pictures with my Prisma coloured pencils but for me to be happy with a piece when it’s done these large scale drawings take planning and time, lots and lots of time. So when it’s a little crazy around the Twizzlez house I stick to more simple drawings.

Something I always fall back into drawing in times like these are mandalas. I love drawing a good mandala. Personally I feel it’s like a snapshot of that moment in time, something to show for how I’m feeling that translates into a beautiful piece of art for others to attach their own meanings. I have drawn countless mandalas throughout my artistic journey and each is always different. I freehand draw them without rulers or measuring so each turns out unique and that’s what I love about them. The journey for me is somewhat uncontrolled by me consciously thinking I will draw this line here and that line there and so on, I just let myself see where my pen takes me. After completion of a mandala piece I feel calmer and more centred in myself, it truly is a very rewarding type of therapy I treat myself to.

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Friday, 7 October 2016 - 11:56am

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