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Superheros vs Tigers


In a world where Marvel and superhero movies make up most of what's on the big screen I expect kids to be asking for face painting related to the characters they see in the movies, but what I have noticed recently is a drop in the amount of kids who are asking for more ‘traditional’ face paint designs.

I have been face painting for seven years now and yes there are patterns and ‘waves’ of what kids ask to be painted up as depending on what's in fashion at the time. However for a steady year or more now there has been a lack of the humble tiger, lion or animal related designs that boys request and an increase in superhero themed requests for boys and more increasingly girls as well. Now maybe I'm nostalgic from when I first began face painting but painting a tiger was a big achievement for me as a beginner! With a gradient of oranges and white for the background and black stripes on top of this, not to mention cute when you see their little face RAWR!

Don't get me wrong I still do an occasional tiger or lion face paint for kids, but more often than not for kids over 4/5ish years old I'm getting asked to paint superheros like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Batman and some new ones too like Deadpool.

Now being a fairy face painter parents ask me if I can do ‘boy’ designs at all, my answer is yes of course! A fairy does not have to always paint pretty princesses, rainbows and unicorns. These so called boy designs, like Superheros are becoming more and more popular for girls too, and like any good fairy face painter I keep on top of my game by practising new designs and researching the latest trends. I always enjoy a challenge and like to learn new face paint designs but I still miss painting the humble tiger...perhaps I am just nostalgic for my beginner days! 

The video below has step by step instructions for how to face paint an Iron Man Mask. Why half a face design you say? Well its simple, I wanted to design a face painted superhero mask that does not cover the whole face, this is for practical reasons such as kids drool, dribble, lick (even though the paint is non-toxic I still don’t like the idea of ingesting it), smear and smudge it around their mouth (unless they are older) and I find that it looks unsightly and ruins the effect of the face paint.. Secondly for little ones who wriggle and don’t have a long attention span to sit there and get painted its ideal because it’s a fast and simple design to do.


The materials used for this design are:


-TAG Face and Body Paints in Regular White, Regular Black, Regular Red, Pearl Blue, Pearl Gold.

-Loew Cornell Brushes in 7000 Series Round #6 and #1, flat brush in 2.5cm (1”) wide and flat brush in 5mm (0.19”) wide.

-Half round sponge

-Water bucket, spray bottle

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Tuesday, 31 May 2016 - 3:55pm

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