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Learn how to make a funky bandana for your dog! They are perfect for everyday use or if you want your doggie to match a themed event. The tutorial video for the dog bandana features Jaffa the Border Terrier and even my Russian Blue cat Luna came to say hello at the end, she was just so impressed with the bandana and wanted one herself.

The pattern provided suits small- medium dogs but can be adjusted easily for any size dog (instructions below). This pattern for small dogs suits a collar that is 3cm (1.18”) wide or less. The bandana slides onto a collar and can be easily taken on and off.

This pattern is under copyright, please do not produce items or copy the pattern to sell. Please respect this and only use the pattern for your personal use.

Difficulty: Easy



Twizzlez Dog Bandana Pattern

20cm (7.8”) fabric (I use cotton but you can use fleece for something warmer, if using fabric that is quite thin I recommend that you line it with interfacing)


Sewing cotton

Method of Construction

1.      Cut out the two sides of the bandana, press fabric if necessary.

2.      Pin the two sides together.

3.      Sew around the bandana leaving the top edge.

4.      Turn the bandana to the right side

5.      Press the seams so they lie flat

6.      Overlock the top straight edge. I used a rolled hem for this, but you can use a regular overlocking stitch too.

7.      Fold the bandana 4.5cm (1.77”) down from the top edge and pin in place.

8.      Press the upper folded edge.

9.      Sew along the folded edge close to overlocking.

10.  Stitch around the outside of the bandana, close to the edge.

11.  Hurrah! The bandana is now complete.

For Larger Dogs


To Make the Pattern

1.      Draw a rectangle that is 15cm (5.9”) wide x 20cm (7.8”) high.

2.      Measure your dog’s collar width and multiply by 2 to get a total. Now add 2cm (0.79”) to that total. So if the collar width is 4cm [1.5”] you would do this calculation, 4cm [1.5”] x 2 = 8cm [3.15”] + 2cm (0.79”) = 10cm (3.94”). The final total here is 10cm (3.94”).

3.      Add the final total amount (in the example this is 10cm (3.94”)] that you have just calculated using your dog’s collar to the 20cm (7.8”) height.

4.      Fold the rectangle in half along the long edge creasing the middle to get a nice crisp centre line.

5.      Draw a curve rounding off the corners at the bottom of the folded rectangle and erase the old lines. Unfold the rectangle.

6.      Draw a 1cm seam allowance all the way around the bandana pattern.

7.      Cut out your pattern, it’s now complete!

To Sew

Follow the same method of construction as the small dog pattern.

Free Pattern Files

PDF icon TWIZZLEZ-dog-bandana-pattern.pdf1.36 MB

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Monday, 30 May 2016 - 12:30pm

Free Pattern Files

PDF icon TWIZZLEZ-dog-bandana-pattern.pdf1.36 MB

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