How to Sew a Felted Mushroom House

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Learn how to make a hand sewn felted faerie house with Gem. It’s really simple and the design has flexibility for you to add to it with more embroidery techniques. I just love these cute whimsical mushroom houses they are inspiring for little minds to play with and have a waldorf feel to them. My felted faeries that I have in the Twizzlez store fit perfectly inside and go excellent together. Maybe I will do a tutorial on how to make the faeries too! They really do add some magic to imaginative play and are perfect for little hands to grasp and play with.


Difficulty: Easy- Intermediate

Time to Make: Roughly 2-3 hours



Twizzlez Felted Mushroom House Pattern

35cm (13.77”) Mushroom felt in cap colour, I used purple but red is more traditional for an Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

24cm (9.44”) white felt for house

24cm (9.44”) interfacing

Small amount of extra white felt for spots

Sewing cotton in white and a colour to match your mushroom cap colour.

DMC embroidery floss or similar in brown and green

Small amount of polyester toy stuffing

Small amount of green wool roving

Small amount of brown wool roving

Needles for hand sewing


Method of Construction

Notes: You can add the mushroom house stalk and whole effect by embroidering on silk or ribbon flowers next to the vines to give a cottage garden feel. Of for an easier option you can embroider a cluster of French knots as if they are bunches of flowers.  Stumpwork beetles and butterflies would also look really nice on the house too.

The Mushroom Cap

1.      Cut out pattern pieces using the Twizzlez Mushroom House pattern and pin spots onto mushroom cap. I did a mixture of small, medium and large spots but you can do whichever you like.

2.      Hand stitch spots onto cap using a (Insert) stitch. I save two large spots aside for later.

For Large Spots ONLY: Leave a small opening before stitching up the spots completely so you can put a small amount of stuffing inside. Then stitch up completely.

3.      Pin the mushroom cap together using a 1cm seam allowance as marked on the pattern piece. Then use a hemming stitch to sew it together.

4.      Sew on the two mushroom spots you kept aside over the seam line using the same method as before.

5.      The cap is now complete.

The Mushroom Stalk (the house bit)

1.      Using the house piece you have cut out there should be one piece in felt and one piece in interfacing. Match the pieces and transfer on the pattern markings for the door and 2 windows only on one half of the felt. Fold the felt in half with the interfacing on the inside. The bottom of the door should be along the fold.

2.      Match the back of the stalk along the seam line using a 1cm seam allowance and use a hemming stitch to sew together, start stitching at the bottom of the house where the folded edge is. Do not fasten off thread.

3.      Using the same thread use a blanket stitch to sew the top raw edges together and fasten off.

4.      Cut out the holes for the windows and the door. Only cut the door where the pattern is marked so there is still an edge connected to the house.

5.      Using the brown DMC embroidery thread (I leave it the standard thickness I buy it at, I don’t not split the threads) blanket stitch around the windows, the door and door frame, fasten off.

6.      Get your wool roving in brown and pinch a small tuft off and roll it into a ball using the palm of your hands to felt it together a bit. I stitch it onto the house using white thread from before so none of the stitching shows on the door handle at all.

7.      Get your wool roving in green and pinch small tufts off in the direction of the fibres. Gently roll them and then sew onto the house using green DMC embroidery thread (again, I leave it the standard thickness I buy it at, I don’t not split the threads). I Place them around the door frame in swirly shapes like vines.

8.      Hurrah! Your hand sewn felted mushroom house is now complete!

Free Pattern Files

PDF icon Mushroom Fairy house Twizzlez.pdf1.26 MB

Date Posted

Friday, 24 June 2016 - 9:40am

Free Pattern Files

PDF icon Mushroom Fairy house Twizzlez.pdf1.26 MB

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