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Rawr! Transform your child into this cute monster! Sew along with Gem and make this cute monster hoodie that can be for boys or girls. Gem loves creating colourful and fun clothes that kids can be comfortable in and more importantly play in without feeling restricted with too many fussy fastenings. This cute monster hoodie will complement a child’s imagination, transporting them to alien and monster realms where they can be a part of the monster pack. The Free Twizzlez pattern is a size 1, which is suitable for 12-24 month year old toddlers depending on their growth rate. The hoodie is a relatively fast garment to make, you will only need a spare afternoon to complete it.

Gem would love to see your creations or variations using the Twizzlez pattern! Find Twizzlez on Facebook and post the pictures on the Twizzlez wall or Private Message the Twizzlez page.

This sewing pattern requires an intermediate level of sewing and an overlocker.

This pattern is under copyright, please do not produce items or copy the pattern to sell. Please respect this and only use the pattern for your personal use.

The finished hoodie measurements are:

Chest: 66cm (26”)

Length from shoulder tip to bottom of hoodie: 33cm (13”)

Inner seam sleeve length: 19cm (7.5”)


Difficulty: Intermediate

Time to Make: Roughly 1.5-2 hours



Twizzlez Monster Hoodie Size 1 Pattern

80cm (31.5”) Main Colour Poly/Cotton, Single Side Brushed Fleece

16cm (6.3”) Alternate Fabric, Lightweight cottons or Flannelette.

8cm (3.15”) White Double Brushed Polar Fleece

3cm (1.2”) Black, Poly/Cotton, Single Side Brushed Fleece

Sewing cotton


Method of Construction

1.      Cut out all Twizzlez 1yr Old Monster Hoodie Pattern pieces

2.      Pin the two pocket pieces together right sides up.

3.      Overlock around all pocket edges and the top edge of the sleeve cuff pieces, careful not to cut any fabric off on the overlocker.

4.      Pin the seam on the pocket edge where the hand openings are.

5.      Place sleeve cuffs onto main sleeve pieces. Overlocking edge on top side, pin the overlocking under, to form a neat seam.

6.      Top stitch the sleeve cuffs along top folded edge in a single row of stitching, close to edge and top stitch pocket hand openings with a double row of stitching. The two rows of stitching to be 5mm (0.2”) apart (twin needles can be used here).

7.      Overlock bottom edge of sleeves, keeping close to fabric, careful not to cut any fabric off with the overlocker.

8.      Turn bottom sleeve seams over 1.5cm (0.6”) to wrong side of fabric, pin down and then sew 2 rows of stitching along bottom edge (twin needles can be used here).

9.      Pin the hood lining pieces and main hood pieces right sides together. Sew and overlock both parts of the hood.

10.  Place pocket where marked on the pattern, turn all overlocked seams under and pin/stitch in place, leaving hand openings free.

11.  Applique pupils to eyeball pieces in a small zigzag stitch.

12.  Place wrong sides of teeth pieces together and sew a 1cm seam around the teeth, leaving the bottom edge open.

13.  Clip seams on teeth pieces close to stitching (3-4mm [0.12-0.16”]away from stitching), clip points of teeth. Turn to right way.

14.  Pin eye balls to hood, where marked on pattern.

15.  Pin sleeve right sides together.

16.  Pin front and back of hoodie together, right sides matching.

17.  Applique the eyeballs onto the hood using a small zigzag stitch.

18.  Sew the sleeve seams and overlock the sleeve seams.

19.  Sew the side seams of the hoodie and the shoulder seams of the hoodie, and overlock all these seams.

20.  Lay teeth in place on hood with points facing in. Curved teeth on outer edge with point facing towards centre of hoodie and three triangle shaped teeth evenly spaced between the curved teeth. I place one triangle shaped tooth in the centre where the centre hood seam is. Matching centre seams, pin hood lining on top of the teeth to the edge of the main part of the hood. (see video for more detailed instructions).

21.  Sew the hood lining and hood together where pinned and overlock the seam.

22.  Turn hood the right way out. Sew a top stitched edge along front opening of hood, close to the edge.

23.  Leaving hoodie inside out (right sides are together). Pin the set in sleeve, right sides together, to the hoodie front and back pieces and stitch the seam. Easing will need to occur when sewing the top crown of the sleeve.

24.  Overlock the sleeve seams and the bottom of the hoodie, do not cut anything off on the overlocker when overlocking the bottom edge seam.

25.  Turn the hoodie the right way out.

26.  Pin the hood onto the hoodie along the neckline. Matching the centre hood seam to the centre point on the back of the hoodie. Slight overlap hood at the front neckline centre is ok! J Stitch and overlock the seams.

27.  Turn the bottom overlocked seam to the wrong side, pin in place and stitch 1 row of stitching, making sure not to catch the pocket on the front.

28.  Hurrah! The Monster Hoodie is now complete!

Free Pattern Files

PDF icon Twizzlez Monster Hoodie Size 1.pdf4.96 MB

Date Posted

Monday, 6 June 2016 - 8:35am

Free Pattern Files

PDF icon Twizzlez Monster Hoodie Size 1.pdf4.96 MB

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