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I offer a unique service where you can work with me to create your own custom piece of wearable art.

You can mix and match a variety of styles that you see in my designs to suit your needs.

See something you like but not in your size? I can make something to fit you perfectly.

Check out the galleries on this page for past creations & please contact me via the form below to receive a quote on custom designed and fitted clothing.

How to measure for a custom design

These instructions are the same for males and females, though males will not need to complete step 4 or 8. Step 7 is only needed for custom dresses, skirts, shorts or pants.

  1. Shoulder Distance- measure from shoulder tip (where the shoulder bone is) to shoulder tip across the back.
  2. Bust/Chest-place tape measure evenly around back at chest level under armpits across widest point of bust / chest.
  3. Back-measure from middle of armpit to middle of armpit across the back.
  4. Waist-measure the slimmest part of your waist making sure the tape measure sits evenly.
  5. Hips- measure around the most prominent point of your hips making sure the tape measure sits evenly.
  6. Length A-measure from shoulder tip to where you would like the garment to sit.
  7. Length B- measure from Hips down leg to here you would want the dress/skirt to sit.
  8. Underarm to Waist- Measure from middle of armpit down side to where the waist line is.
  9. Sleeve- Keeping arm straight measure from shoulder tip to wrist where you would like the sleeve to sit.